What is dfinance

dfinance [diːfaɪˈnæns] is a truly decentralized infrastructure dedicated to various financial and DeFi instruments and products designed for people.

Our infrastructure on the one hand adopts all the properties of a good blockchain: high transaction throughput with low latency, unconstrained scalability, granular security and quite well designed smart contracts engine. On the other hand it proposes a simple and solid set of instruments to engage all you knowledge in finances on the way to success of your project.

We proudly offer you to employ the dfinance infrastructure to publish your ideas and focus on your aim.


  • A consensus mechanism based on Tendermint PoS implemented by Cosmos, enabling a decentralization of block producers and ensuring a real trustless environment

  • PegZone which enables an interoperability with 1st layer blockchains such as Ethereum, EOS, and Bitcoin and others, tapping into the liquidity captured by these blockchains coins and tokens.

  • Libra's Move language and virtual machine to enable the creation of a powerful code execution environment on decentralized nodes with all the security offered by language's strict semantics, syntax and ownership model.

  • Decentralized oracles providing connection between Dfinance platform and the real world financial instruments and sources of data.

  • Powerful high-level visual language empowering a safe way to design, publish and run your own financial instruments, with no prior knowledge in programming required

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