Rewards & Inflation

For staking users in the dfinance network getting rewards in sXFI coins. Validators receive rewards by generating and signing new blocks, they take a commission, it's their default reward for supporting the network.

Delegators that delegate sXFI or LPT to validators also receive rewards in proportion to the amount of their staked sXFI and LPT.

Read more about the inflation and rewards model supported by the dfinance network in the current documentation.


Dfinance inflation model is in production version and implemented in current mainnet. We are releasing information about it step by step, as dfinance inflation model very innovative and using a lot of parameters.

You can read about introduction in our latest article.

To see inflation parameters check mint module:

# To see query commands.
dncli q mint --help

# To see tx commands.
dncli tx mint --help

More information will be provided soon with coming documentation updates.


Use wallet to see & withdraw rewards or continue with dncli.

See distribution module:

# To see query commands.
dncli q distribution

# To see tx commands.
dncli tx distribution

To check if you have any rewards use next command:

dncli q distribution rewards [delegator-addr] [<validator-addr>]


  • [delegator-addr] - address of delegator.

  • [] - address of validator. Optional.

If you are validator, see earned commission:

dncli q distribution commission [validator]

Important: in current mainnet rewards withdrawing disabled and will become available later.

To withdraw rewards send transaction:

dncli tx distribution withdraw-all-rewards --from [account]


  • [account] - is an account that has rewards.

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