Your first transaction

Here is guide how to send your first transaction in dfinance network using dncli.

Transfer coins to recipient

Let's try to send basic coins transfer transactions between two accounts.

Create another account:

dncli keys add recipient

To send 10 DFI coins to this account needs to execute the next command:

dncli tx bank send <sender> <recipient> 10000000000000000000dfi

Replace <sender> with your account address and <recipient> with <recipient> address.

We use "10000000000000000000dfi" as the amount because by default DFI has 18 decimals places, so to send 10 DFI you have to keep decimals.

After execution, you will get transaction id in the output. To see transaction status execute:

dncli query tx <txId>

Also now you can query a recipient account and see how balance updated:

dncli query account <address>

Replace <address> with recipient address to see updated balance.