Getting started

Here is a guide on how to install dncli command line interface and connect to dfinance.

Installation using precompiled binaries

First of all download the latest version of dncli for your system from release pages.
Install downloaded dncli binary.
For Mac OS/Linux:
mv <downloaded binary path> ./dncli
chmod +x ./dncli
mv ./dncli /usr/local/bin/dncli
For Windows:
  1. 1.
    Go to "Program Files" directory.
  2. 2.
    Create there "dn" directory.
  3. 3.
    Rename the downloaded file to "dncli" and put it into "dn" directory.
Now "cmd" and execute:
setx path "%path%;%ProgramFiles%\dn"
Now restart "cmd".
Check that installation successful done by running the command:
dncli version
Your should see your current version of dncli in output.


Let's configure dncli and after go to the next step:
dncli config chain-id dn-testnet
dncli config output json
dncli config indent true
dncli config trust-node true
dncli config compiler tcp://
dncli config node
dncli config keyring-backend file
These configurations will connect your local dncli with remote nodes.
Check that dncli configurated correctly:
dncli status

Installation from sources

Before we start you should have a correct 'GOPATH', 'GOROOT' environment variables, also installed Golang.

Build and Install using Makefile

Clone dfinance node repository to suitable place
git clone
Build and install dncli as binary using Makefile
make install-dncli
So after this command dncli will be available from console
dncli version --long

Build without Makefile

And let's build dncli:
GO111MODULE=on go build -o dncli cmd/dncli/main.go
Command must execute fine, after it you can run dncli:
./dncli version --long