Fees & Gas

Every transaction in dfinance protocol requires sender to pay fee, as well as it has maximum amount of gas which can be used during transaction execution. Gas is a cost of operation in our blockchain (such as executing smart-contract in VM or basic read-write operations on blockchain storage).


The gas amount is an integer and is set by --gas option in dncli:

dncli tx bank send <sender> <recipient> <amount> --gas <value>

The default gas parameter in dncli is 500000, if you see errors related to "out of gas" issue, try to increase gas until you find the optimal one for your transaction.

Block gas limit

The current block gas limit is 5000000 gas. Means that transaction with gas limit greater than 5000000 will be not accepted by validators nodes.

In future this setting will become changeable via Government voting mechanism.


Although dfinance supports different currencies (like ETH), transaction fees can be paid only in XFI currency.

Currently, minimal fee amount is 1 XFI. Though this value may vary for each validator in the network as it's for validator to decide his minimal fee. This means that even if your transaction fee was too low for current validator, it still may be added in one of the next few blocks by validators whose minimal fee matches your value.

dncli sets fees automatically, so you can ignore --fees flag, alternatively, if you want to speed up your transaction confirmation time you can can set fees manually by using --fees flag, e.g.:

# Fees amount MUST be written without spaces between amount and denom
dncli tx vm execute <script.mvir.json> <args,...> --fees 1000000000000000000xfi

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