Meet the network using CLI

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to operate with arbitrary dfinance node which covers creation of your first account, receiving free testnet XFI tokens and execution of first transaction.

Account creation and free XFI

Let's create your first dfinance account.

Generate new mnemonic:

dncli keys mnemonic

Copy mnemonic and keep in safe place.

Create new account, use mnemonic generated from previous command:

dncli keys add -i my-account

Save passphrase and keep in safe place. Without mnemonic and passphrase you can't access your new account!

Go to dfinance wallet portal, use your mnemonic and passphrase to login, and request faucet to send your free XFI. Click there on request Request Tokens button and wait for few seconds, XFI coins will appear on your account. Also, the faucet sending testnet BTC and USDT coins besides XFI.

After this let's query our account with dncli:

dncli q account <address>

Replace <address> with your address. You will see output with your address and with your balances, balances should contains XFI coins if we want to continue to next steps.

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