In this documentation explained how to deposit testnet ropsten ETH from your account to dfinance.
Important: use only ropsten ETH, as all mentioned contracts deployed in ropsten ethereum testnet, and this is experimental software, you can lose your ETH.

Using wallet

  • Metamask
  • Ropsten ETH - request from some known faucet, for example, use this one.
Go to wallet portal and recover/create an account.
Then click on "Transfer" button to transfer ETH from your Metamask account to dfinance blockchain.
After 100+ confirmations you ETH will appear on your account in dfinance.

By sending transaction

Using eth-peg-zone you can write a script in a preferred language, or using web3, or even use any other wallet with support of transaction encoding.
Just send an ethereum transaction to Bridge contract address with ETH and signature/parameters of exchange function in Bridge contract.
Parameters of exchange function:
  • _currencyId - you can query from contract, or use 0 for ETH.
  • _recipient - your "wallet1..." address converted in right format. Example how convert address in the same repository.
  • _amount - amount of coins/tokens.


Currenty deployed Bridge contract can be found by address: 0xE2FD9D943FFC4adD2F5952025f32E9a984B3637b.
Last modified 3yr ago